The College of Tao was founded in 1976 in Santa Monica, California by Taoist Master Hua-Ching Ni and his two sons, Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Maoshing Ni.

Through its study programs, retreats and seminars, the College works to uplift humanity one person at a time by providing tools and guidance that integrate the natural functions of the body, mind and spirit and thereby enable one to maintain good health for as long as possible. In support of this goal, the College strives to:

  • make a broad spectrum of wisdom and practices available and applicable in the world today
  • support the self-development of all individuals who are striving for a better life
  • improve the well being of human society as a whole

We sincerely hope that our programs will be helpful to you.

The College has a world-wide spiritual mission to help people awaken to their
natural spiritual self and let them see that there is a natural spiritual light that
is as much a part of their lives as their bodies and minds are.”

from Spiritual Messages from a Buffalo Rider